Hiking and Exploring

There are over twenty miles of trails for hiking and nature walks on North Captiva. Most of the island is protected state preservation land traversed by nature trails. North Captiva has about four miles of beaches - of which three miles is along the state preserve. The wild life is extremely abundant there. You will see many different species of migrating and local birds. There are also manatees, sea otters and feeding dolphins seen easily from shore. Guests typically kayak right up to dolphins playing just a few yards off shore. Biking is also very popular with the many miles of trails winding between the million dollar homes spread out all over the island.

Many people come to North Captiva for one reason only - the incredible shelling. The Fort Myers and Sanibel regions produce spectacular specimens because the currents bring shells from the Caribbean to local shores. The wide continental shelf provides a gently sloping incline that allows many shells to arrive unscathed. And the warm Gulf waters provide ideal conditions for the creatures to reproduce. The beaches of North Captiva are known throughout the world for their treasure trove of rare and beautiful shells - Pear Whelks, Giant Cockles, Angel Wings, Shark Eyes, Junonias are to be found here. Sharp-eyed beachcombers will even spot the tiniest Cat's Paws among Common Jingles.

Stargazing is incredible on North Captiva. Just like many of you - I love going to the beach to watch the sunset and marvel at this spectacular and inspiring daily occurrence. There is a serenity in this natural phenomenon that delights all who watch it. For me, the setting sun is just the beginning of an even larger and more dramatic show. The distance from the main land and the lights make it an ideal spot to see the stars at their best. Check out these web sites where you can see a guide to the various constellations you can view from the island.

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